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What to expect

what is RTT

  Rapid Transformational Therapy is a technique developed by Marisa Peer, who is a world - renowned speaker, behavioural expert, therapist and best selling author. 

RTT embraces many of the positive aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy that are known to produce a transformative effect on clients: the use of trance, regression and hypnotic conditioning. However RTT goes beyond, diagnosing what works with real clients in real sessions to build a new therapeutic approach. Marisa Peer identified that regardless of their issue, in sessions clients benefitted from her applying a particular set of techniques over and over again. These insights provided the foundations for Rapid Transformational Therapy to emerge as a distinctive approach.


What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an intense focusing of the mind on inner processes to the exclusion of anything else. It is a state of intense concentration and you have probably experienced it when you have been totally immersed while reading a book, watching TV or daydreaming about doing something, unaware of what is going on around you. Hypnotic trance is the state that hypnotherapy utilises to help people heal themselves. By applying the techniques of hypnosis your subconscious mind is accessed in order to find solutions to your problems. Therapy occurs after hypnosis has been used to induce trance. Then the suggestions used to alter and achieve goals are made.

What does RTT look like?

  Marisa Peer says herself that-

"We know that clients are time starved and come to us in pain, both physical or emotional. They want rapid results. So the first difference with RTT is it aims to to deliver permanent change in a single 90 minute session. Although some clients and some issues can need up to 4 sessions.

The second difference with RTT is it is a method that truly empowers clients. By using a technique called Role Function, Purpose, It honours and values the significance clients attach to their issues/problems and then offers as a powerful emotional release for them. They can actually be free from pain.

A third difference with RTT is its use of Command Cell therapy as a modality for purposefully healing the body, as opposed to positive conditioning alone.

Lastly, RTT draws out ‘unfinished business’, meaning it is a technique for addressing the trauma that clients have been holding onto for many years.
Upgrading the Child offers a therapeutic space for dialogue and communication with significant others."


You can listen to Marisa Peer talking about RTT . Marisa has over 30 years experience of working with people and transforming their lives.


Why choose me?

What do you need to look out for when choosing a Hypnotherapist.

RTT as with any therapy is always a shared experience. It is a collaboration between you and your therapist. In this case that is me.  I could liken it to a journey in a car. You the client are the driver,  and me as the therapist is your navigator. You know where you want to end your journey, but you're not sure how to get there. But I can as the hypnotherapist give you suggestions as to which route to take and get you there!

In order to reach your destination you need to get along with and feel a connection with your navigator. If you don't get along or feel a connection then the therapist isn't for you.

You need to trust your navigator and make sure that you feel comfortable with them.

You need to feel safe in their hands and know that they have explained hypnotherapy, RTT and your session to you,  and that you understand what is going to happen to you along the way.

Your Navigator/Therapist can get you there, help you sort out your problems; it's your responsibility to help that process along.

You need to commit yourself to listening to your recording for at least 21 days consecutively.

You can reinforce the mental changes made during the session by listening to the recording. You can also do this by  being aware of the thoughts you are thinking and the language you are using on a daily basis. You can be doing this while lying in the bath, travelling to work, daydreaming in your favourite chair. At anytime,  anywhere.

It is important that you are ready to make the changes in your life, because believe me they are bound to happen.

And if you are ready to make that commitment and jump in the car and make that journey, then I hope you choose me. I can help you get there!

I have always been interested in the mind and the way we think. I always struggled with feeling good enough. I was a class teacher prior to being a therapist. I believed that having been someone who struggled with believing in myself I could make a difference to other children. I wanted to help those who had low self worth/esteem by helping them  believe in themselves.

So when I heard about hypnotherapy and the power of hypnosis to change and reprogram  the way we think I just had to find out more. I studied for a couple of years before coming across Marisa Peer and RTT . It was amazing the change that I felt in myself and the results I witnessed in others. It was a revelation to me  that all it took was for me to reprogram my thinking, change the looping thoughts to 'I am good enough' for me to change my life. I had experienced periods of depression and deep lows. But I know now that I am only ever living in the feelings  of my own thoughts. And a thought can always be changed.No one else can affect me because it is only ever my thoughts and me who chooses to let them in!  Ilearnt how to make feeling good familiar. I love this stuff and feel passionate about it.  I love this job. I love helping people to realise that they are good enough, always have been and certainly always will be. And they can be the person they've always wanted to ! Nature/the Universe or God intended for them to be - Absolutely Amazing, Phenomenal Human  Beings who are perfect whole and complete!!!


Believe And Know You Are Phenomenal!

You know where you want to end your journey. But you're not sure how to get there.  I can guide you and show you a way. As your therapist I give you suggestions as to which routes you can  choose to  take and help you get you there!

What Can I offer you?


Common Issues successfully treated

  • Addictions - Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, Gambling, Shopping
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Achieving Goals and Motivation
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Fertility and Birth
  • Grief
  • Stress, Nerves
  • Physical and Chronic Pain, Migraines
  • IBS
  • Relationship Problems
  • Weight Issues

Many issues that are not named here can be effectively and successfully dealt with Rapid Transformational Therapy so don't hesitate to get in touch to find out how Marisa Peers method of hypnosis can change your life!


  • Dear Kim, thank you. It was such an amazing experience, I honestly believe without your help it just wouldn't of been the same! I felt so relaxed and prepared for the birth and really grateful for everything you've done for us.I've told so many people about hypnobirthing. It really go me through and I can't thank you enough. She is perfect as well, really enjoying being mummy and daddy.  
  • Amy (Kent)

  • Kim I no longer need to come back to you to give up smoking! After our session not only did my relationship improve, but I have lost weight and no longer want  to smoke!!!
  • Lisa ( London )

  • I can't thank you enough for making my life so much easier. I no longer fear going out and worrying about where the toilets are going to be. I have so much more freedom now.
  • Matthew ( Kent )

  • I had an RTT session with Kim for a health problem and her manner put me at east straight away, I felt relaxed afterwards and listened to the recording she gave me every day. I started experiencing improvements in my health within a few weeks. I thoroughly recommend Kim as an RTT therapist, she is very good.
  • Anastasia ( London )


  • RTT session ( via Skype/Zoom or in Person 1:1 £70  with personalised recording for permanent change) If  3 weeks are booked £190

  • Hypnobirthing Course 1:1 £290   ( including manual, book and recordings)

  • Weight loss Work Shop over 3 weeks £190 ( including workbook and recordings )

  • Improve your Golf, study and exam success recordings £30



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